Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bassom Bear Miniature Teddy Bears

Bassom Bears are some of my favorite mini's:

If the coin weren't in the picture, you would never be able to tell that this was a miniature; the tiny paws, the facial features, the ears...everything is there, and these itty bitty creatures are even jointed!

The detail is meticulous; along with the teddy bears (even one tiny baby bear)

she also makes Bunnies!

and Puppies!

So many little's hard to choose. But if you want to try, you can check out her shop at

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Ba-ack!!!

Check out this teeeny-tiny little basket! It's hand woven, made of horse-hair, and it's exquisite! I was reading blogs the other day, and I ran across one featuring Bazketmakr (Pamela), who makes these amazing little vessels.

I loved them so much I had to write and ask her if I could feature them in this blog too! If you want to see more of her work, you can check out her shop at

These are definitely on my wish-list!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving my miniture workshop! (And the rest of me too)...

Well, I'm going to be incommunicado for a week or so, since I'm moving - to the most beautiful place in the Great Smokey Mountains; Wears Valley Tennessee. This is my yard, more or less!

Once I'm settled in, and my little workshop is all set up, look to my shop for lots of new mini's...until then, happy creating!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lil Witchy Haunted House Miniatures

One of the most interesting things about the world of miniatures, is that the only limitation is your imagination. Whether you want to live under the sea, on the moon, in a tree house, or in a Georgian Mansion, it's all about fulfilling YOUR wildest fantasies.

Somewhere out there, there is an artist who makes the perfect item to turn your dreams into realities.

If you're into the Goth Culture, the Occult, or even just want to decorate your doll house for All Hallow's Eve, certain things are a MUST. How can you tell whether you're going to get enough candy if you can't consult the orb? Well, you could always check your ouiji board of course!!

Lil Witchy is a very talented miniaturist who specializes in "Haunted" doll houses, and you can view more of her work at

Better order now, though...Halloween is just around the corner!!