Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fall is coming; and a lot sooner than you think! It's about time to scatter leaves across your dollhouse yard, and set up the pumpkins and the cornstalks. (Ok, well I'm actually getting ahead of myself a LITTLE BIT here, but it couldn't hurt to start getting ready!!)

One of my favorite things about fall is pumpkin farms. Hayrides. Corn Mazes. There's just something about going out on a crisp Autumn day and kicking around in the country. And at home? Yes, I love me some pumpkin roll. If you've never had a pumpkin roll, you're really missing out. It's a thin layer of pumpkin cake, spread with cream cheese frosting, rolled up, and decorated (if you have time) with a fall-ish theme.

So of course, I had to make little pumpkin rolls for the dollhouse. Wanna See?

This one also comes decorated with a maple leaf, or even in chocolate instead of pumpkin! And they can all be purchased at my Etsy Shop!