Friday, July 11, 2008

Lots of detail makes this one of my more challenging cakes. The more challenging the cake, the more I enjoy making it!
Off white cake on the inside is separated by a layer of pale pink frosting that matches the outside of the cake. Rose colored ribbon is piped around the bottom of each layer, and formed into teeny little bows which embellish the corners of the bottom layer and surround a larger bow to make a centerpiece for the top! Finished off with pale pink dots all over the cake, this is a fabulous cake for an elaborate dollhouse wedding feast.
All cakes can be customized, so you can choose to have marble cake, or white frosting with purple details, change the bows to roses, or anything else your heart desires! (But you do have to allow me time to accomplish these amazing feats!) And like all of my cakes, it arrives with it's own paper doily and "Silver" Platter.
For more details on this cake, and more (like how to buy them! --hey, I wouldn't be much of a salesperson if I didn't throw that in, now would I?), check out my Etsy Shop by clicking this link: